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A hot coffee tale. Plus: do you have the work ethic to be a success?

I love when I catch a glimpse of an entrepreneur's secret sauce. I ordered this gooseneck pour over w
November 11 · Issue #51 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
I love when I catch a glimpse of an entrepreneur’s secret sauce.
I ordered this gooseneck pour over water kettle from Amazon the other day so I could try my hand at making coffee with my new pour over coffee making setup. The kettle has a built-in thermometer so you can precisely control water temperature in your brew. Pretty simple.
With that kettle, that carafe and filter, a good kitchen scale, plus excellent, freshly roasted coffee beans: I was all set.
The kettle arrived with a handwritten note from the seller (it could’ve been mass printed, who knows. It was a convincing fake, at least), and a card with a scratch off area. You scratch off the silver stuff, get the prize code, then go to the website and see what kind of discount you won.
I get to the website to find a very simple form to enter the prize code: it only asks for the code, which product you purchased, and your email address. Click submit and you get a discount code in some dollar amount.
See the brilliance there?
Amazon doesn’t share customer email addresses with sellers. So this clever seller uses this simple optin bribe to get people to stop by his site, give their email address, tag themselves to the product they bought, and—hopefully, I’m sure—buy more products on the seller’s Shopify store.
So, yeah, I entered my email, received a $5 off coupon, was redirected to their shopify store, and perused their other products.
Even if I didn’t buy anything else right then, I’m sure a retargeting campaign will remind me to come back and give them a second look.
And if the seller is smart, email campaigns sent to me will be triggered based on some combination of what I bought, and what I looked at but didn’t buy on their non-Amazon storefront.
TL;DR: I’m is an easy mark for clever marketing ploys and new ways to get customers to happily leap into your funnel. And I like coffee.
Have a great weekend everyone,
P. S. If you’re into coffee, click reply and let me know your favorite method of brewing, and what kind of beans you love.

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