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FD No.17: Big changes coming soon that may help you

Big changes on the horizon for MastermindJam If I were to tell you that MastermindJam is offering a m
March 11 · Issue #17 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Big changes on the horizon for MastermindJam
If I were to tell you that MastermindJam is offering a membership that helps you get more out of your mastermind group, for less work, would you be interested?
If you’re answer is yes, please be sure to read my message in the bottom half of this email.

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MastermindJam Update
I’m working on a lot of amazing changes to the MastermindJam service this month.
To give a bit of background…
When I started MastermindJam, I had some pretty ambitious goals, and some pretty strong-headed opinions about what mastermind groups needed to improve and stay relevant. I immediately dove in and started validating my ideas with customers.
That’s when I ran into a buzzsaw of emotional roadblocks.
For those of you who’ve heard my podcast, I frequently talk about the emotions of creating a company. It’s tough, really tough.
When I would ask customers if XYZ idea was a good idea or bad idea, and whether they would pay for it, I got a ton of amazing feedback. But, even if 75% of the feedback was positive, whenever I got even one negative response I would shut down and go into a funk. Heck, even one ambivalent response would shut me down.
I guess my goal was to try to find the perfect combination of features that one hundred percent of my customers would absolutely clamor to have.
I know that’s not realistic.
But knowing it’s all in your head, knowing it’s a self-defeating mindset, and knowing that I’m being too hard on myself doesn’t make it easier to power though and keep striving to move forward.
So here I am, moving the ball forward…
Thanks to the prodding of a podcast listener who reached out to me in the bootstrappedchat slack channel*, I’m going to start working on this in the open. Next week, I’m actually going to start taking pre-sales orders for it.
So, if you’ve even read this far, you’re probably thinking: “WHAT THE HELL IS IT KEN?”
Announcing The MastermindJam Premium Productivity Toolkit Membership
Ok, yeah, I’ll probably change the name. Consider that a working title.
Here’s the gist of it… 
I’m launching a meeting productivity membership this month, with tools to help you and your group get the absolute most benefit from your meetings. This will absolutely be a subscription product, but I haven’t decided if it is going to be a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription (probably some combination of the above).
And I haven’t quite settled on the price just yet.
With the membership, you’ll get the use of exclusive meeting productivity tools tailored for the needs of mastermind groups like yours. The tools are integrated with slack, email, and SMS to help you check in each week and track your goals and the goals of your group.
Plus, you’ll have access to our private slack team where your group will have its own private channel, with slack integrations to help you schedule and host a meeting as simply as talking to an assistant. Further, you’ll get access to our private MastermindJam facebook group, and private membership forum. And all of this is tailored to you and your business and the profile you created when you signed up at; tailored to your membership level, your revenue level, your industry, and your strengths so you don’t waste time wading through mountains of information that doesn’t pertain to your business.
Last but not least, each month you’ll have access to an exclusive, members-only open workshop call with an industry veteran in your business category who will give a masterclass on one fresh, prescient topic each month. These talks will be sure to help you move your business forward. And each expert will save time at the end of each talk to answer your questions.
If you’re interested in testing out the new membership, please click reply and let me know. In exchange, you’ll get to test out the new productivity features as soon as each one becomes available, and—perhaps the best part—you’ll lock in a deeply discounted rate.
Of course, all of this is offered at no risk to you because everything I sell is backed by my no-hassle, no risk, money back guarantee.
I understand that many of you will not have interest in something like this. For those not interested in a subscription, that’s perfectly fine: you can still pay the one-time match fee and get matched into a group.
It’s totally okay if many of you won’t want this new service. Because for the percentage of you who do sign up, I want this to be a massive help to you and your business. I want you to get the absolute best from this experience, and this is a way I can help ensure that.
So, next week expect screenshots and a link where you can sign up at an early-bird price.
If you’d like an even greater early access discount—even cheaper than the early bird discount—then don’t wait, just click reply now.
Thanks for reading this tome!
Ken Wallace
Founder, MastermindJam
*P.S. Thanks to Chris Regan for motivating me to J.F.D.I. with this membership I’ve been mulling over for far too long.
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