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[FD120] Would you like to generate four new testimonials?

June 28 · Issue #120 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Hey folks, what if today you got an alert that four other founders had tweeted out amazing testimonials about how you helped their business grow?
I might have a way to help you make that happen… 
More details below 👇
But first… some resources to help you grow your business…

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Do You Have a Super Power?
It’s finally happened. When I go to a business conference, I’ve noticed I’m now known as “The Mastermind Group Guy.”
Funny how that happens once you niche down.
Briefly, I was the HIPAA-compliance guy, and before that I was attempting to become known as the budgeting/personal finance guy.
Most of us have a strength or area of knowledge that others know they can turn to us for help with.
A few of my online friends know I’m pretty knowledgeable about mastermind groups, online business, and programming.
You may even know I can help you get HIPAA-compliant, tackle budget forecasting for your family, or validate your online business idea.
My closest friends also know to turn to me for advice on sailing and restoring old fiberglass sailboats, Caribbean catamaran charters, trumpet playing, classic jazz, craft beer, or how to make the most perfect baked potatoes you’ve ever had.
Anyone who knows me also know to never ask for my help with fitness, healthy eating, work-life balance, communicating with a partner or spouse, or how to have more patience with young kids. In all those areas, I can write books on what not to do, but I’d be little help for folks wanting to know how to do those things better.
That’s how it goes.
We all have strengths, and we all should admit to our weaknesses.
What’s your strength?
How do you turn that strength into a super power?
Imagine this…
What if today you got an alert that a handful of founders had written glowing testimonials about how you helped their business grow?
What if the same thing happened early next week (and the next, and the next)?
If you have a specific area of expertise you’d be willing to share in a small group setting, I have something to talk to you about. 
Sometimes, entrepreneurs in peer-driven mastermind groups find themselves stuck, as a group, at some common hurdle. 
Since the last time I sent you a newsletter, I’ve been working hard to add a coaching marketplace inside of MastermindJam.
It’s a super simple way to let founders who need help with some area of their business tap a coach (you?) on the shoulder to get an extra set of eyes on their issue.
No, I’m not suggesting you drop everything you’re doing and start a coaching business. Hear me out…
People regularly have questions about topics related to starting, growing, and exiting online businesses, and many of those topics you already know a lot about.
It’s often a very specific problem, like help with lead management, SEO help, ad retargeting, Facebook audiences, developing SOPs, hiring a first employee, product pricing, landing page optimization, webinar script techniques, and so on. (That is by no means an exhaustive list of topics)
No, you may not have a PhD in any of these areas of expertise, but if you’re a couple steps ahead in some area, you can turn around and help out those behind you in the journey.
Here’s how it works…
In each of these coaching sessions, you (the coach) talk through an area of your expertise with a handful of entrepreneurs who happen to be struggling a bit in that area.
On the call, you’ll spend an hour or two giving hands-on advice, then maybe a follow up call a few weeks later to circle back around and answer any questions that came up.
Coaching small groups is a great way to generate testimonials and reviews for a new course, info product, or productized service.
If you’re starting a list from zero, or looking for a niche SaaS to create, teaching a topic to a small group is a great way to get a hands-on glimpse of a market need that you can solve with a product or service.
In his book Launch, and in the Product Launch Formula training courses he sells, Jeff Walker teaches entrepreneurs that launching first to a small, beta group is the key to make sure you’re creating the right product. Not to mention how much it helps you gather testimonials to use in your next, bigger launch.
Dan Henry, in his course for online course creators, teaches the same technique. Dan mandates that you first teach the subject to small groups to help you zero in on exactly what these people need. This lets you create your product virtually in plain sight, while also gathering feedback and testimonials to help sell in the future.
Small group coaching is easier than giving a conference talk. Instead of lecturing to a room of hundreds or thousands, you’re just having a casual, hands-on video conference call with a handful of startup founders.
Of course, as a coach, you’ll be paid very well for your time spent in these sessions.
Fast facts:
  • Coaches control their own calendar. You choose how little or how much to be available for coaching.
  • As one of the first coaches, you’ll get a discounted MastermindJam membership for as long as you remain a coach.
  • You can be selective about who is allowed to book your coaching time. Pre-qualify founders by business type, revenue, entrepreneur experience, and more.
  • Coaches can offer any mix of group or 1-on-1 coaching sessions in any topic area they choose. If you choose group, you set the min and max attendance to ensure the sessions are the right size.
  • Low platform fees. Coaches keep 85% (just like Clarity).
  • Coaches will have access to their own, private Slack community to compare notes and learn from one another.
  • Coaches will be invited to monthly coaching workshop calls.
I’ve spoken to eleven coaches so far, are you next?
TL;DR: I’m creating a service like, but for mastermind groups. You in?
If you’re interested in being part of this coaching program, sign up for a time slot with me before Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 to be part of the first coaching group. We’ll have a quick Zoom call to answer your questions and get you onboarded into the system to set up your coaching profile. 
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