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[FD121] Keep going

Sorry this is arriving in your inbox late today... I've been busy wrapping up the Q3 enrollment drive
July 19 · Issue #121 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Sorry this is arriving in your inbox late today… I’ve been busy wrapping up the Q3 enrollment drive for MastermindJam.
So many emails.
One huge lesson I learned is this:
Each and every time you send an email, at least one person will unsubscribe.
And that’s a good thing!
They’re opting out. Self-selecting to not be a good fit for you, your writing style, your marketing style, or your product.
Better they opted out now, rather than post-purchase when you’d be answering a refund email or seeing one more user churn.
And now, on with the Dispatch…

New Training: Take a look!
Need Facebook Ads Help?
I’m honored to announce that MOJCA MARS will be available to you for Facebook Ads coaching in the new MastermindJam Coaching Marketplace.
Mojca is an established Facebook Ads Expert who helps multimillion-dollar companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads. Mojca operates Super Spicy Media, a Facebook Ads consultancy.
Mojca is the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign.
Mojca is also an international speaker who has been invited to speak at MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz Conf, and others.
Some of Mojca’s past and current clients include: ConvertKit, ClockShark, Double Your Freelancing, CEO Warrior, Egghead, Hubstaff, Codeable, and many more names you’ll recognize.
Also, Mojca recently launched The Science of Facebook Ads, an online video course designed for people who want to consistently launch profitable Facebook Advertising campaigns.
Once you’re a MastermindJam member, here’s where you’ll find Mojca inside the app…
You get access to Mojca and all our other fine coaches once you’re a MastermindJam member.
The Coaching Marketplace is accessible when you sign up for MastermindJam. Members get promotional credit each quarter to use toward cost of coaching, and you can earn additional credit by leaving an honest review after each coaching session has finished.
Coaching inside of MastermindJam will become your go-to resource to get on-demand coaching for when you or your group gets stuck.
Book a hands-on workshop session with one of our friendly, expert coaches to get advice perfectly tailored to your business. Book for your group, or just yourself.
When you’re feeling stuck, and your group doesn’t have the answers… this is your new secret weapon.
The best part is… YOU CAN ALSO BE A COACH and offer to teach other groups your area of expertise. Build an audience, earn some cash, and research new products, in one easy step.
4 Resources to Help You Grow Your Business
Naming Your Startup: The 5 Make-or-Break Rules for Securing The Ideal Business Name – Dan Martell
Four Strategies to Win Big with Low Frequency Marketplaces
75 Print-on-Demand Product Ideas: Your Guide to Creating Every Type of Custom Product Possible
How Michael Thomas Built A $5,000 Per Month Side Project
Resources to Help You Grow You
These “personal”, motivational resources today are all from Twitter. :)
One tweet image, and a tweet thread by your truly.
Here’s the twitter thread I’d like you to read…
Ken Wallace
I want to say something to you, and it's important.

For all you folks out there building something, and you feel all alone, struggling to breathe life into it, or that no one cares about you or it... and you're *this* close to giving up.

Keep going.

Remember why you started.
Ken Wallace
That's all. That's it.

This is where I should drop in a sales pitch for my thing, but...



Just keep going. Remember why you started.
Ken Wallace
I will share a story, though...

My best friend Brian and I used to go hiking once in a while (we should do that again, Brian).

The best part was we had nearly—but not quite exactly—the same stride length.

Why is that important?
Ken Wallace
Well, I'll tell you why it's important...

Picture this... we'd be hiking this trail in, I dunno, Yosemite, the Smokies, Starved Rock—somewhere great—and we'd be walking together for miles... and talking.

Talking like you talk to folks you trust. Real talk. Candid. Deep.
Ken Wallace
But after the first few miles (since we're both out of shape) the talking lessened and we were just focusing on breathing. Taking steps. Not slipping and dying or stumbling onto a mama bear.

And we were no longer walking together. One of us was always ahead or behind.
Ken Wallace
Two reasons...

One I already mentioned: Our strides were slightly different lengths.

The second, we were alternating who wanted to fucking give up and quit and say fuck all this hiking nonsense and head back to the car and eat that last Slim Jim we were both eyeballing earlier.
Ken Wallace
I mean, sometimes when there are two people on a road trip + snacks, there comes a time when there is just the one snack left.

It's like Thunderdome for that last snack.

Someone has to win, someone has to lose.

You understand.

(I digress)
Ken Wallace

So there we were, alternating who was leading, and who was lagging behind (contemplating the life circumstances that brought them there).

And if your hiking companion is as good as mine, you develop this cadence of noticing when your buddy needs encouragement.
Ken Wallace
Sometimes, you turn, look over your shoulder, and your hiking buddy isn't there. You look back around the bend in the trail to find they've popped a squat on a log or stump or ass-sized boulder, catching their breath.

With that look on their face.
Ken Wallace
You know the look.


I dunno man. Maybe this is far enough today. Should we call it?

Ken Wallace
Your solemn duty, right at that moment, is to deliberately make eye contact for a split second, then look away.

Look wistfully to the horizon, or down the trail. Wherever you look, make sure it's forward, not backward.

And you say these words:
Ken Wallace
“You know, let's keep going. Just a bit more. Let's see how we feel a few minutes from now.”

And then you start walking again. Slowly.

They'll collect themselves, stand up, take a sip of water, and follow.

Your job now is to let them pass, get in front of you.
Ken Wallace
And the reason this is important is, sure enough, a few hundred yards down trail, it'll be *you* thinking about stopping, taking a rest.

Thinking about maybe turning back.

And then it's *their* turn to say those words to you.
Ken Wallace
Back and forth, Brian and I do this.

The miles melt away under our feet. Miles of trail, miles in elevation change.

No talking at this point. Just dogged determintaion.

You keep going like this until, at some point, *it* happens...
Ken Wallace
There will be a moment when you both are tired enough to pop a squat, have a seat, swig water at the same time. You make eye contact, and neither of you has it in you to tell the other to “keep going.”

And that's when you'll often turn back, isn't it?

And it makes some sense...
Ken Wallace
You go as long as you can under the power of your own intrinsic motivation, the strength of your own will, ambition, and drive.

That eventually runs dry, and you need an extrinsic motivator.

Someone to say: “keep going. I know it's tough, but, just keep going.”
Ken Wallace
So this thread is me saying to you...

Keep Going.

And hopefully it'll inspire you to get in front, to lead.

And maybe you'll be there for me, down trail, to repeat those words back to me.
Ken Wallace
Seems appropriate to end the thread with this:
The ONE Tool You Should Try Today
Beamer in action
Beamer in action
Beamer: Keep your users updated and engaged
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