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[FD126] How to get help to grow your business in 2020

January 17 · Issue #126 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Hey there!
If you’re an online business owner (especially SaaS founders, indie software developers, agency owners, mobile app devs, WP plugin creators, and info product makers) thinking of getting into a mastermind group in 2020, there’s something I need to tell you…
MastermindJam enrollment opens this coming week (January 20th-27th) for Q1 2020.
Why MastermindJam?
For starters, MastermindJam gives you everything you need to ensure a successful group:
👉 Mastermind group curation tools to help you join or form a great group
👉 Mastermind groups for accountability and feedback
👉 Dedicated private group rooms that include in-browser video conferencing, flexible meeting styles (round table and hot seat meetings supported), productivity tools to track your meeting notes and goals from meeting to meeting over time, private group chat, and tools for filling any vacant seats in your group as they arise.
MastermindJam helps you get into well-curated, peer-driven, business mastermind groups. The peer-oriented nature is the strength of these groups.
To help make sure that you can always get the answers you need to grow your business (even if some of your group members are giving you blank stares on a topic), we give you these other great ways to get answers when you’re stuck:
👉 Community discussion forum so you can ask questions of the entire community of entrepreneurs (not just your mastermind group).
👉 Group & individual business coaching from subject matter experts, so you can get the specific answers you need even if the members of your group are stumped. This is the best way to get hands-on and affordable help when you’re feeling stuck.
If you’ve got HUGE plans for how THIS year is the springboard to achieving that something amazing you’re working on, and you just need someone to talk to about it…
If you desperately need to feel HEARD…
Stop by and sign up to be notified when enrollment opens.
Have a great weekend!
Ken W
MastermindJam Founder
P. S. If you’re reading this after the enrollment closes, no worries! Be sure to sign up to be notified when enrollment begins again.

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Anonymous Survey Response of The Day
I get amazing survey submissions like this every single day.
I get amazing survey submissions like this every single day.
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Recent Member Wins We're Celebrating
“The New Year is the busiest time at my day job, but this year, I was able to keep the stress to a minimum so I could still leave time to work on MastermindJam.” — Ken Wallace
“Built an automated product inventory sync for Shopify and my dropship provider” — Chuck Brockman
“Hired a support rep to help with helpdesk & pre-sales” — Nathan Stults
“After dismissing the need for more tutorials for my product, I finally made my first video tutorial for one feature of my product, Ostinato.” — Srivats P
“Hired a designer to help redesign entire web app. Currently making progress on coding it out.” — Scott Knight
“Signed my first client!” — Tessa Kriesel
“I recently exceeded our trial-to-paid conversion goal of 20% by hitting between 38% and 70% for 4 months in a row. I also recently hit a sustained growth rate of 10%/month (something I’d like to increase)” — Bryan Lewis
“Just got approached by a VC firm. Very flattering to get recognized but staying bootstrapped a bit longer.” — David Stamm
“I had two promotions on AppSumo this year for my WordPress Products” — Muhammad Adnan
“Stopped offering a service that was hard to scale. Sold out a new service that’s in alignment with my future direction.” — Janelle Allen
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