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FD132 - Here's your permission slip

April 24 · Issue #132 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Even though the days are tending to run together while we’re sheltering in place right now, those of us working a day job while trying to grow a business on the side are keenly aware of what day this is…
Sweet sweeet Friday. 
Yep, today is Friday, and if you’re like me, in a few hours it’s the end of your day job work week and the start of your side project work weekend.
During the week maybe you’re lucky to get in 5-10 hours on your side project, but the weekend is where most of your progress is made. 
The weekend is magical, right?
In our heads, it’s infinite.
All week you’ve been promising yourself you’re going to do All The Things. 
All. Of. Them.
This weekend.
You’re gonna try that tactic, get further into that To Do list, read those guides, write all that content, draft that email sequence, learn that new programming stack, film all the videos, launch all the things. 
You’re gonna finish that feature list for that customer you’re afraid to schedule a call with unless you have All The Features you’ve assumed (!) they’re going to need in your product.
You’re going to reach out to all the mentors and attract all the customers and run a viral campaign and start a community and launch a branded swag store and record a season of podcasts and learn jiu jitsu. 
All this weekend.
And then somehow Friday night becomes Saturday night and you can see all you’ve done is rearranged three paragraphs on your landing page three times and cleared your inbox and listened to half a podcast episode and now it’s dinner time and your kids really want to kick the soccer ball around with you in the back yard. 
You feel guilty you haven’t gotten more accomplished today, but then you feel guilty for not being present with your family. 
And you have no idea how to plan what you’ve got left, what you’re gonna get done tomorrow, Sunday. Everything you haven’t finished HAS to get done tomorrow, right?
Holy smokes. That’s a daunting thought.
Too daunting.
So you go play with your kids and help your spouse with dinner and let the dog out and the whole time that Weekend To Do List is eating at you, like: You need to make more progress. Why haven’t you done All The Things?
You start spinning out. 
If you’re anything like me, this is when your brain starts playing the really mean tricks.
You’re in a cycle where you’re feeling guilty for not getting more done on your business. Yet, when you’re working on your side business you’re feeling guilty you’re not spending time with your family. 
After all, it’s their weekend, too, and they’ve waited all week to have this time with you and—
Just stop. 
I’m here to suggest to you that it’s okay to take a breath, rest a beat, and give yourself permission to do only some of The Things. 
Hell, maybe just do one of The Things this weekend.
You’ll get there. 
Give yourself some grace. 
It’s a marathon of marathons, and you’re gonna need your strength, your sanity, and your loved ones to carry you over the finish line.
Take care of yourself.
I first shared this essay this morning with folks in the MicroConf Connect slack channel, and thought I’d also share it with you here.
This post will probably make its way onto the MastermindJam blog, as well. At some point.
It’s on the To Do list.
I’ll get to it this weekend.

No links today, friends.
Nothing from me added to your plate.
Nothing new to read added to your To Do list.
Happy Friday, and have a great weekend.
— Ken
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