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[FD133] One link from me to you

July 10 · Issue #133 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Hey there, Happy Friday!
Are we at Peak Newsletter?
I’ve been absolutely inundated with newsletters lately. Maybe the world isn’t at “peak newsletter” yet, but darn it… I might just be.
Problem is, I get all these newsletters with links promising to deliver all the value, and articles that will answer all the questions, and links to new apps to solve all the problems… and it’s become this never-ending Russian doll of todos to get through each day.
Like a fractal.
Of content.
An inbox full of thirty newsletters. Each newsletter has anywhere from 10-20 links. Each of those links opens up a whole world of things to read, try, do, subscribe to, pay for.
All that to say…
It’s made me hesitant to add to the noise.
I’ve been reluctant to publish this newsletter the last few weeks because I know I’m not the only one feeling overwhelmed and absolutely inundated with all these people shouting for attention in your inbox.
So, let’s try something different.
Today, I have just one single link for you. One article that I’m confident can help you.
That’s it. Just one.
You’re… welcome?
Have a great weekend, everyone.

ONE ARTICLE to Help You Grow Your Business
How Do You Know If You Are Building A Great Product?
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