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[FD143] Even self-starters benefit from coaching

June 4 · Issue #143 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Happy Friday!
This year, I’ve been streamlining. I’ve been increasing focus in some areas, allowing myself to creatively run amok in others.
One area I’m narrowing my focus on: MastermindJam.
This year, I’ve shut down the affiliate program (no one even noticed, which speaks volumes!), and I’ll be winding down the coaching program shortly. I’m focusing on creating the best possible group matching and group meeting experiences possible. I’ve got a new version of the MastermindJam platform almost ready to push live which will include a Member Deals page, screen sharing, a new improved meeting room, and a myriad of other improvements. But all those improvements are in very narrow range of areas of focus in the business. Next up with MastermindJam is a renewed focus on paid traffic.
An area I’ve been allowing myself to run amok: Startup Coffee.
It’s been fun creating an e-commerce brand from scratch. It’s also been fun experimenting with goofy coffee names and odd t-shirt designs. A customer today opened my eyes to some areas I can improve in email marketing for the brand, as well. There are two new coffee roasts added last week, and they’ve already been ordered a half dozen times.
And I’m putting finishing touches on new Startup Coffee-branded, entrepreneur and coffee-related t-shirt designs. And if I’m being honest, the t-shirt ideas are getting out of hand enough that they might get their own e-commerce site soon.
The best part about starting new things is I get the privilege of having new problems to deal with. And with new problems, I see new areas where I can add value for people. No, I can’t tackle them all, but with some focus I can pick one to tackle in the very near term.
And I have. Stay tuned, more on that in coming weeks.
That’s enough of my rambling…
Here are your resources!
Have a great weekend, folks.

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3 Resources to Help You Grow You
Even Self-Starters Benefit from Coaching Even Self-Starters Benefit from Coaching
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2. do exercise
3. eat leafy greens
4. throw all the computers into a volcano
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