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[FD95] It did make the boat go faster

Hello from the Friday Dispatch! It's been a long hiatus, that's for sure. It got tough, week after we
March 30 · Issue #95 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Hello from the Friday Dispatch!
It’s been a long hiatus, that’s for sure.
It got tough, week after week to keep saying I was working on finishing this thing that didn’t seem to be getting closer to actually being finished. Yet, despite all the complaints I expressed about lack of time and other life pressures, somehow I mysteriously found time to publish this newsletter, read articles, record and edit podcast episodes.
The irony wasn’t lost on me. 
Do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same result. So, I had to change things up.
I cut out anything that wasn’t making the boat go faster.
I stopped publishing this newsletter. I stopped podcasting. I put a lot of things on pause.
Fast forward to today.
Since you last heard from me, I finished. 
Well, I finished the first phase, at least. There’s a new MastermindJam in the world now. It’s already been introduced to a small test group of users.
It has been nice watching early customers use and explore the new system. Sure, it helps shake out any lingering bugs, but it’s tricky to avoid the traps of confirmation bias; just seeing what you want to see in the in-app analytics and ignoring any warning signs.
The early feedback has been even more helpful than watching early users. While I did love to hear a few pieces of positive feedback about how polished the design is, what I was especially happy to hear were the comments that were benefit-based.
Does the product solve the job to be done?
I heard both how well the product solved a real need for the customer, and also lingering questions or objections that I need to address in my marketing messaging.
This weekend I’m putting the final touches on the walkthru video that’s embarrassingly absent from the new homepage. And I’m contacting past customers about how the new community can help them.
Instead of sending one “launch announcement” message to the entire list, I’m emailing people in small batches. I then gather feedback and listen to unanswered questions that people express to me after reading the email I sent them, then I go back and hone my message. After it’s ready again, then I email a few more people. Rinse and repeat. 
If you’re a past customer, you’ll be hearing from me either yet today or early tomorrow.
Now, on to your articles.

Gifs don't display gradients very well.
Gifs don't display gradients very well.
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Here’s the link again to upload your receipt and review link.
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