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[Friday Dispatch 118] The number one way to change your state

Happy Friday! Just a quick warning... The next handful of Friday Dispatch newsletters won't have the
November 2 · Issue #118 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Happy Friday!
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The number one way to change your state
My wife has been discontent at her job for a few months now. Something has been bugging her about it.
She learned that a coworker that she trained and mentored had been given a promotion (and corresponding raise) to a level higher than my wife, even though my wife has a decade more seniority.
It started to eat at her.
When she asked me what she should do, I asked the obvious question: “how much pay difference we talkin’ about here?”
“About three thousand dollars.”
“Whoa! Per month?! That would be a nice raise!” I said.
“No, per year.”
“Oh. Ohhhhh. That’s… that’s really not even a cost of living increase. You realize that, right?”
“Yeah. But it’s the principal of the thing, right? I’m worth it, I’m worth the more advanced title, I’m worth the raise, I’m worth the promotion.”
Then she shot me the look.
I know that look.
It was clear my wife wasn’t going to let this go, and one way or another, this was gonna cost that company a lot more than that stupid three grand.
She started asking around, asking coworkers how so-and-so got a promotion so quickly, and how those two new employees they just hired last year got a raise so quickly.
The coworkers all said the same thing: to get a raise and/or promotion, they each had to go get a job offer from the higher-paying competitor across town, and bring it back to use as a bargaining chip.
Ridiculous, my wife thought. This is fucked. up.
My wife has over twenty years of seniority at this place, surely she can just go have a conversation with her manager and see what she needs to do to be considered for a promotion.
So, last week my wife had that conversation with her manager.
His answer?
I’ll tell you the answer next Friday.
Have a great weekend!
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