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[Friday Dispatch 127] Launched to a 25% conversion rate this week

February 7 · Issue #127 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Happy Friday, folks!
Here we are, back for a 127th time. Whoa!
I’m doing a lot of thinking about the future of this newsletter. I’m trying to justify everything I put time into in my life, so up for scrutiny is this thing.
I have learned a lot in this process.
👉 I’ve learned it’s tough to consistently publish a newsletter.
👉 I’ve learned that’s it’s tough to grow a newsletter when it’s name doesn’t describe what it is.
👉 I’ve learned that getting folks to engage with a newsletter that arrives on a Friday is nigh impossible (although we’ve had as high as 60% open rate and 55% click rate!).
So, tell me your thoughts…
🤔 Is this a thing you even care about?
🤔 If this newsletter stopped existing, would you even care?
- - -
In other news…
The Q1 Enrollment for MastermindJam was both a success AND a failure.
First, the successful part…
That’s right. 25% of the folks that saw the MastermindJam enrollment offer page made a purchase. 48 people saw the offer, 12 people purchased.
Which shines a spotlight on the failure…
The waitlist that I sent the enrollment PLF (Product Launch Formula) campaign to contained only 200 people.
There was a 3-day sequence of videos followed by a 5-day cart open period. 40 unique people watched each video, and 48 uniques saw the offer page during the cart open window.
So (if my math is correct) around 24% of people cared enough to check out to see what the offer was, and of those who did, 25% converted.
The big failure isn’t those percentages (I’m happy with those percentages, btw). The failure is the overall number of people I’m reaching per launch is WAY TOO SMALL.
I need to get more people in the top of this funnel (and yes, work on both plugging leaks and making existing customers happy enough they stick around).
So the theme of this year is gonna be growth marketing and paid traffic (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads mostly)
Okay, enough about me.
Here are the resources I’d like to share with you…

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HEY: Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon.
Once last thing...
I made this:
Directory of Business-Focused Conferences & Events for Founders
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