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Friday Dispatch #53: The Turkey Issue

Happy Thanksgiving, Friday Dispatch readers! Even if you're not in the U.S. it's worthwhile to take t
November 25 · Issue #53 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Happy Thanksgiving, Friday Dispatch readers!
Even if you’re not in the U.S. it’s worthwhile to take time out of your busy routine and offer a sincere thank you to everyone that touches your life. 
Whether it’s just the dude at the oil change shop, your local barista, to members of your close family: take a moment to make someone feel noticed and appreciated.
Kindness finds it’s way back home to you. I’m convinced of it.

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Sticky notes in my kitchen...
Monday of this week was super long.
I was up until almost 4am Tuesday morning putting mastermind groups together, by hand. By the time my weary head hit the pillow, 9 new mastermind groups had gotten their introductions (7 new groups, 2 existing groups got extra members, with some rematched people in there).
I’m kind of in between two software versions at the moment, so the quickest way to get these matches out the door was the good old fashioned way. Do things that don’t scale, right Paul?
Here’s what that effort looks like:
+1 if you recognize this as a complex form of the Stable Roommates problem.
+1 if you recognize this as a complex form of the Stable Roommates problem.
The finished product:
After all that work, I really felt grateful. (Okay, grateful and exhausted.)
But mostly grateful.
I’m grateful that the people on these sticky notes—and the almost 300 others that have gone before them—trusted me to introduce them with a group of caring people that want nothing but the best for them, a group that can guide and shape their journey.
For the MastermindJam customers reading this, I’m just humbled and thankful that you trust me enough to help you out with this need.
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!
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