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MastermindJam Friday Dispatch #2

Happy Friday! This is issue #2 of the MastermindJam Friday Dispatch. Last week's issue was pretty wel
November 27 · Issue #2 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Happy Friday!
This is issue #2 of the MastermindJam Friday Dispatch. Last week’s issue was pretty well-received, so we’ll do it again.
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In the United States, today is Black Friday, an unofficial retail holiday marking the start of the holiday shopping season.
Also, if you’re American, it’s a safe assumption you’re moving kind of slow today, languishing in your turkey-induced stupor (I know I am).
Thanksgiving in the Wallace household was extra chaotic this year. I’m learning that chaos may just be the rule in our house, not the exception.
Did I mention we got a new puppy?
Yes, a puppy. Yes, in addition to the four kids under 12 living in the house. Yes, we figured the one thing we needed in our lives was an additional juvenile mammal to raise. We are also not smart, apparently.
A seven weeks-old puppy needs to “go potty” approximately four hundred times per day, I’m learning. So there’s that.
This week, in the day job, we had a holiday party/potluck. To stay connected with my team, I drove into the Chicago office instead of working from my home office — for the first time in about three months. Thanks to some rain and holiday traffic, my drive home Wednesday took nearly 2.5 hours. All told, I was in the car for over four hours that day.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is I had four hours to catch up on podcasts and do a lot of thinking out loud about my business.
Yes, out loud.
I talk and record voice memos while I’m driving, using DropVox — my favorite sound recording app for iOS and Mac that automatically uploads to the Dropbox folder of my choice. I’ve mentioned it several times on the podcast, but it bears repeating, DropVox is simple and perfectly-suited for what it does. It helps me, maybe it’ll help you, too.
ANYway, I digress.
Read on, and I hope some of these links help you and your business.

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MastermindJam Update
I’m really stinkin’ proud of MastermindJam this week! Wednesday, a new customer signed up at 7am, and was matched into a group by 9am.
No, I’m not doing a dance in the endzone.
There’s still much I can improve on, in that area especially. For example, I’ve still got a couple customers waiting several weeks for their group due to some matching factors.
I have to say, though… when I saw the signup notification come in, and then just a matter of minutes later I see a notification about a group creation being sent (all automated!), I was fired up for the whole day.
I’m finding that I really have to take a second and celebrate my progress and small victories. Starting a bootstrapped business is hard enough without turning it into a joyless death march.
This newsletter is a small piece in a much larger marketing and traffic generation plan I’m implementing. I’ll be sharing more of that in the coming weeks in writing and on the podcast.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
P.S. This is Issue #2. You can find last week’s issue, here.
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