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MastermindJam Friday Dispatch

Welcome to the MastermindJam Friday Dispatch! Or, should I say... Hey, welcome to the first issue of
November 20 · Issue #1 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Welcome to the MastermindJam Friday Dispatch!
Or, should I say…
Hey, welcome to the first issue of my hopefully-regular-but-most-likely-occasional Friday newsletter!

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MastermindJam Update
Yes, for me the big news was that Mixergy is adding a mastermind matching service.
Having matched nearly 300 entrepreneurs into peer-driven, four-person mastermind groups since May of this year, I love the case study for the first Mixergy mastermind he linked in this email.
In that guest post, Andrew’s team really underscores the value that masterminds can have for entrepreneurs just like you.
I love seeing examples that further validate that entrepreneurs can - when well-matched into the right group using sound principles - dramatically improve their business from the feedback, accountability, and advice they receive from their peers in their mastermind group. Even if those examples come from a competitor.
A friend in one of my mastermind groups asked me if I’m at all nervous that someone with as much gravitas as Andrew has, is entering the mastermind-matching space.
Fair question: Andrew does have an undeniably huge audience with Mixergy, and rightly so. He’s among the most talented interviewers — in any genre — of our time.
My thoughts are simply this: good on him for helping to put people into peer-driven mastermind groups! There’s now one more great way to get into a mastermind group, and that’s a good thing for entrepreneurs.
However, from my perspective, speaking as the founder of a mastermind-matching service… what does that mean for my business?
Right now, probably nothing. At best, it helps a bit.
Here’s why…
All ships rise in a high tide. Having Andrew shouting from the rooftops about the benefits of mastermind groups helps add credibility to what I’m doing at MastermindJam.
In the short run, it can only help my traffic building efforts.
And, make no doubt, traffic building is the key to the health of my business (and most likely, yours, too).
That said, there’s a lot more information you can parse between the lines of this Mixergy press releases, and I’ll dissect it in depth in an upcoming update on The Nights & Weekends Podcast, a podcast I co-host with Craig Hewitt.
Bottom line: if you’re still on the fence about getting into a mastermind group, I urge you to take the first step. Reply to this email and I’ll help you get started. 
Even if you don’t use my service, I’ll give you tips to find a peer-driven mastermind group that will help you stay accountable, give you timely, actionable advice, and help you see the big picture to grow your business.
Have a great weekend!
Ken Wallace
P.S. We’re bringing home a new puppy this weekend! If anyone has any tips for training a new puppy, please email me or send a tweet to @boaticus.
This missive from MastermindJam was curated (for better or worse) by Ken Wallace. You can find Ken discussing and other business topics on The Nights & Weekends Podcast. If you’ve found any value from this email, please share it with a friend.
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