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The Friday Dispatch #64 (the overwhelmed edition)

TL;DR: Last newsletter issue for a few weeks! Scroll down for your links! So, here's the deal... I'm
February 10 · Issue #64 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
TL;DR: Last newsletter issue for a few weeks! Scroll down for your links!
So, here’s the deal… I’m in a weird place this week. 
Overwhelm might describe it, yeah. It’s just a culmination of stress and discontent and self-doubt. This too, shall pass, right? Dang, I hope so.
When you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by things, you probably shouldn’t make an audio recording of the specifics of your freak out—all as you’re drinking a cup of coffee, in your car, in a McDonald’s parking lot, tapping out a grumpy tweetstorm.
There was a good point lurking in the tweetstorm.
Endless guru-seeking (a phrase I first heard Brecht Palombo use) takes many forms. For me, it comes in buying software and courses that I think will help me bridge the gap between where I am and where I know I can be.
It’s aspirational purchasing, yes. Like buying a gym membership on New Year’s Day.
And it’s pointless because I don’t often make the time to even use the shortcuts, which on their own are probably each very useful if I’d just implement them.
Anyway, a trusted friend, Brendan, advised me to open the newsletter with it this week. so here it is ICYMI*:
1/ I’ve been beating myself up this week, for lack of sustained progress in my business endeavors. #strugglebus #navelgazing #startup

2/ Just look at all the products I’ve purchased, hoping to find a shortcut for some hurdle. Buying more products isn’t the answer, tbh.

3/ You people selling products to wantrepreneurs are evil geniuses! People like me pay untold sums for shortcuts we don’t make time to use.

4/ You may as well keep selling to us, because we’re gonna keep buying it. The FOMO, just-in-case fallacy is just too strong to ignore.

5/ Truth is, we don’t need more tools. We don’t need your tools. Or your courses. Sorry.

6/ We need what you had when you started: time in the seat, with dogged determination to ship a validated product, that

7/ reliably solves a problem, for a niche with customers, who have means and motive to pay, and the desire to respond to our marketing.

8/ If you need to “build trust” for two years before someone will buy from you, perhaps you’re not solving a burning enough problem, or

9/ perhaps you’re just not the right person to solve that problem for that niche at this time with that message. Change one of those things.

10/ Disagree? Let me know!

Okay, on with the show.
This is probably the longest newsletter ever. Sorry, not sorry.
Consider it a going away present.
About that: the podcast and this newsletter are going to be absent for a few weeks while I go on a strict information diet, software shortcut diet, online guru diet, peer feedback diet, and overall content consumption diet.
In that time, I’m going to concentrate on the new MastermindJam, plus a couple new things that are in the works.
Thanks so much for reading this newsletter and not clicking unsubscribe. It’ll be back!
Thanks so much for those of you who have reached out and have helped me with so many things.
See you in a few weeks!
P. S. If you’re in need of help with your mastermind group, if your group died and you need a new one, or if your group needs a new member, email me at and I’ll do my best to help!
* If you don’t like it, blame Brendan! Sad!

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* Yeah, that was an awkward headline. Can-can.
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