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The Friday Dispatch - Issue #26

Some longtime subscribers are getting buried in links from curated newsletters like this, so I'm maki
May 13 · Issue #26 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Some longtime subscribers are getting buried in links from curated newsletters like this, so I’m making a concerted effort to stay succinct.
I promise to not send you every new article that came out since last time, just a select few that I think will help you in some way.
As always, if there’s something specific that I can help with, please hit reply and let me know!
On with the show…

Outgrown MailChimp or AWeber? Tired of clunky marketing automation software? Drip is email marketing with a gorgeous, visual workflow.
Find out why Drip is the future of email marketing.
I Just Discovered CreatorLove (And You Should, Too)
CreatorLove is absolutely the simplest way for creators like you to get the support you need.
Creating is what you love, no need to do it for free!
It takes just 2 minutes to get started. You create your free account linked to your Stripe account, toss your custom CreatorLove link anywhere in your project, and start letting your fans show you their love.
Lee Tengum, the founder of CreatorLove says people are using this to get support for their blog posts, premium content, info products, podcasts, github projects, and for creating license keys for their software. There’s even an API for when people pay that lets you trigger other things to happen, like content delivery, access to special member areas, or unlocking software.
But, I’m a crotchety old skeptic, and I never take anyone’s word for anything. Friends tell me I’m the human embodiment of the well actually cat.
Hmph. Some friends.
So, I had to test it.
I created a CreatorLove link for this newsletter (you’ll find it near the bottom of this email). Click it, and watch the magic!
Lee’s quick start guide told me it would only take two minutes to get started, so I had my stopwatch out as I signed up.
Literally 1'54" later I was all set. Amazing!
No, this won’t replace Patreon, no, there’s no shopping cart features, and no, it won’t replace your subscription billing software. CreatorLove does one thing really simply, and really well: it allows you to quickly and easily get paid for things.
P. S. Let me share a secret with you: Lee has absolutely no idea I’m telling you guys about his app. Do me a favor and sign up for your own CreatorLove link today. It’s an easy way to show Lee that he’s built something cool that will help a lot of people fund their creations. And, hey, tell your friends, too!
P. P. S. The first five of you who send me your new CreatorLove link you created this weekend, I will be one of your first customers. But, hey, let’s keep it to like $10 or less per person, please. Don’t go sending me your thousand dollar links, mkay? ;)
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