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The Friday Dispatch - Issue #67

I'm feverishly working to finish the relaunch of MastermindJam before the end of the month.  I made a
May 5 · Issue #67 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
I’m feverishly working to finish the relaunch of MastermindJam before the end of the month. 
I made a bet with my mastermind group (and my wife!) that I could get it completed by my birthday, and come hell or high water I’m gonna do it. 
We even have this totally legit, non-fake, EO from the POTUS forcing me to keep my bigly promise. LOoooooL
A little bit about what’s coming in MJ2:
1. Immediate value from MJ when you sign up. No more long waits.
2. Easy rematches, when you need to find a new group.
3. Easily add a new member to your group when someone leaves.
4. No one has to be the secretary. The easiest meeting tools, to bring video conference, shared notes, and goal accountability into one unified screen.
5. Group coaching. Turn one of your upcoming mastermind calls into a intense, focused workshop with a subject matter expert.
And of course, much more…
The point being, I’m determined to give this my best effort at fixing what’s broken with mastermind groups—and MastermindJam—as identified through many really intense customer interviews.
Along the way, though, as I’m building this, I do take a step back, rise up out of worker bee mode and think about things on a higher level. CEO mode is like a ten thousand-foot view, setting the course for the ship, where worker bee mode is down and dirty in the trenches, getting tasks done.
When I do that, when I’m in that ten thousand-foot CEO mode zone of re-evaluating strategy, I turn to experts, via their podcasts (like Startups For The Rest of Us) or a select few books from authors I trust.
It was really great timing this week when my copy of Russell Brunson’s newest book, “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice”, arrived on my doorstep. This book is the perfect follow-up to his Russell’s first book; they build on each other, one is the science, the other is the art.
This book has really given me a couple really solid frameworks to try and implement moving forward in my upcoming launch. 
Especially Secret #15 that Russell shares, called The Stack (it starts on page 172).
So, seriously, if you’ve read Russell’s first book, Dotcom Secrets, then do yourself a favor and pick up Expert Secrets.
This book is legit.
For a limited time, Russell is giving Expert Secrets away for free (you only pay a couple bucks for shipping). 
That’s right, this is not some ebook you’re going to file away and never read… this is real, physical copy of the book. 
Mailed to you. For free.
P. S. If you’re fiercely opposed to salesy-looking landing pages for book launches, here’s a link to get Expert Secrets on Amazon at the full price.
P. P. S. If you haven’t read the first book, “Dotcom Secrets”, pick it up here or on Amazon

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