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The Friday Dispatch - Issue #81

August 11 · Issue #81 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Last issue I asked how many of you bounce business problems and ideas off your spouse or significant other. Twenty-five of you took the time to respond (thanks!), and here’s what you said:
As I suspected, most of you admit that you can’t help gabbing about business to your spouse…
Whoa. Check this out.
Looks like the advice you’re getting back isn’t always that helpful…
So if you’re not getting it at home, where are you getting it?
(the ‘it’ in this case meaning business advice)
So, if these twenty-five people are a representative sample, y'all sure do like your mastermind groups! High five!
Except for you two know-it-alls. You know who you are.   ಠ_ಠ 
I guess that’s not too surprising since this is a MastermindJam newsletter, and most of you are included on this newsletter because you’re either customers or you’ve opted in by downloading content on the MJ blog.
Also, I realize I didn’t include a lot of popular sources of business learning in the available choices. Things like traditional business school, reading business books, listening to business podcasts and audiobooks, consuming business-focused blog content, or attending conferences and in-person events are a big part of how we all learn and grow.
Anyway, thanks for taking part! If you have any follow-up comments let me know!
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P.S. If your mastermind group would like to be part of the next round of MJ2 beta testing (no matter if I helped form your group or not) please click reply and let me know you’re interested.
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