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What got them here won't get you there. [FD136]

September 18 · Issue #136 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Cults of personality are an existential threat to your business. To every business, really. 
Here’s why: 👇
First, to be clear: there is no Transitive Property of Expertise. 
If an expert built, grew and sold a company that does X, and that expert now shows a passing interest in Y, they are not automatically an expert in Y.
Beware: they can still eat your lunch. 
Audience doesn’t care about expertise. 
They care about TRUST.
And, there IS such a thing as a Transitive Property of Trust.
If someone has earned trust on topic A, and they turn their attention to topic B, their audience automatically assumes they’re trustworthy on topic B.
It’s just the way we’re all wired.
So, why not use it to your advantage?
Any trust you’ve built with your audience is also your best defense.
Build an audience while you’re building your business.
Instead of a liability, it becomes your moat.

Featured Coffee of the Week
Three of these today. Nothing else.
Three of these today. Nothing else.
  1. Make a latte
  2. Draw the rest of the owl
Four (4) Resources to Help You Grow Your Business
Daniel Vassallo Made $210,822 In The Past 9 Months Selling a PDF and a Video Daniel Vassallo Made $210,822 In The Past 9 Months Selling a PDF and a Video
How To Increase the Virality of Your Product
You Can’t Copy HubSpot and Get the Same Results
Customer Appreciation Ideas: 11 Ways to Thank Customers
Six (6) Tweets You May Have Missed
Alright, it’s Friday, let’s have some fun.
Here are some tweets you may or may not have seen.
Pat Walls
Many people putting the cart before the horse:

- Growth hacks can’t work on 0 users.
- SEO can’t optimize blog posts that don’t exist.
- Unit tests become useless when the code is scrapped tomorrow.

Build the business, first! Won't need any Substacks for this part.
Bryan Harris
Most critical thing to answer before writing ad & email copy:

“What do my prospects know?”

1. About my product?
2. About the problem I solve?
3. About their need to solve it?

This dictates everything that you’ll write in the ad

5 Examples👇🏼
Asia Matos Orangio ✨
I think the hardest thing to convey to SaaS founders struggling with growth is that achieving the coveted 3x or 10x MRR in <6 months is something that happens when the business is firing on *all* cylinders — not just the marketing cylinder.
Pe:p Laja
I don't want to hear any personal development stuff, morning routines and what not from people who don't have kids.

Or from people who don't care if they don't see their kids.

It's ridiculous that most of the advice out there is for a universe where there are no kids.
Ken Wallace helps founders get answers
Here's why remote conferences are poor substitutes for in-person conferences: focus.

When I'm at in-person confs: I don't have to pause a conversation to go sign for a package, my dog doesn't bring me a toy to throw, and pantsless kids don't walk thru my webcam field of view
One (1) Techno Beat That Really Slaps
And here’s my new favorite productivity jam. It really slaps.*
*My kids, my wife, and my friend @BrendanHufford tell me I’m no longer allowed to use the turn of phrase “it slaps”.
I disagree with them.
Have a great weekend, y'all!
-Ken at (where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came).
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