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Yeah, we've got issues. 137 of em, a breakdown.

September 25 · Issue #137 · View online
The Friday Dispatch
Looking for a business idea? Here’s an app/business idea you can have for free (if you’re faster than I am):
An alternative to downforeveryoneorjustme, this can be a tool that not only tells if the website is down, but whether or not the site looks “weird” (versus normal).
Well, sometimes, a site loads enough to not be considered “down”, but it’s missing some crucial element and it’s just a hot mess.
It might be ugly, or maybe even unusable. Weird.
Things like: css style sheets, javascript, images, favicons, tracking pixels, customer service chat widgets gone awry, etc. can all have this effect.
And, no one likes a weird site, now do they?
This app should simply answer the question: “this website looks weird to me… does it seem weird for anyone else?”
The app would provide a screenshot of the site, and list any resource load errors it encountered.
The BuiltWith plugin shows developers what technologies a site is built on. It works by listing off everything that loaded when the website loaded.
Your app could list off everything that *tried* to load, but couldn’t.
See? Important difference there.
Visual Ping is an app that sends you an alert if a website has changed.
Similarly, your app could show premium subscribers a screenshot or thumbnail of what that site or page looked like as a result of the broken tech, compared to what it *should* look like.
Monetize the normal way, of course. A free version, with a few premium features exclusive for paid subscribers.
Could even just be a Chrome extension if you didn’t want to go full-on web app with this. Your choice.
I own the dot com for this idea. First person or team that shows me a working prototype (that has a functioning credit card process) gets the domain from me, for free.
Again, it has to have a functioning credit card form. I want you to prove you’re going to build, monetize, and grow this.
Not just squat on the name.
If no one shows me a prototype by October 31, 2020, I’m going to build it (or hire someone to build it for me) and I’ll monetize it myself.
Gauntlet thrown.
I mean…
This has a better than average shot at getting a metric buttload of upvotes on Show HN, ProductHunt, IndieHackers, and Reddit.
If you (or other projects you’re working on) could use that kind of pub, maybe tackle this?
Just think about it.

I ran this idea past my mastermind group a couple years ago, and they sent me this gif in response:
No one likes my ideas. No one.
No one likes my ideas. No one.
Absolutely savage.
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You must choose wisely.
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Are you on the waitlist? (Enrollment starts next week)
TL;DR: ATTENTION SaaS, Agency, E-Commerce, and Software Entrepreneurs MastermindJam enrollment opens NEXT WEEK!
Let’s have a talk.
If you’re an online entrepreneur and you’re feeling like you’d like to join a small, private, and trustworthy peer accountability group, you’re going to want to listen up…
Raise your hand if you’re a…
👋 B2B or B2C SaaS founder
👋 Indie hacker
👋 Software dev agency owner
👋 Mobile or Web app developer
👋 WP plugin creator
👋 Online business or marketing coach
👋 Info product maker
👋 Podcaster
If you’re any of those kinds of folks, and you’re feeling like you need a group of trusted founders to talk to about your business, I have great news…
MastermindJam enrollment opens this coming week (Sept 28-Oct 2)
MastermindJam gives you everything you need to ensure a successful group:
👉 AI-driven group recommendation engine. (We make recommendations, we don’t force you into a group)
👉 Mastermind group curation tools to help you join or form a great group on your own, based on your own criteria.
Those other guys* have some overworked assistant match folks into groups, and… it’s not the best. (Unless you like paying for awkward blind dates.)
At MastermindJam, I’ve gained over five years of evidence that shows if you’re smart enough to grow a business, then darn it, you’re MORE than smart enough to match yourself into a peer group (when given the proper tools, guidance, and recommendations).
👉 Mastermind group meeting guides that help you ask the right questions, every meeting, so everyone stays on track.
👉 Dedicated private group rooms that include in-browser video conferencing, agenda, and speaker timers.
👉 Flexible meeting styles (round table and hot seat meetings supported)
👉 Group productivity tools to track your meeting notes and goals from meeting to meeting over time
👉 Private group chat
👉 Automated meeting and goal reminders to ensure everyone shows up to meeting prepared.
👉 Six-Week Mastermind Sprints
👉 Mastermind group recruitment tools to help you fill vacant seats in your existing group (even if your group was formed outside of MastermindJam).
You’ve probably already heard that…
MastermindJam helps you get into well-curated, peer-driven, business mastermind groups.
The peer-oriented nature is the strength of these groups.
But, sometimes your peers don’t have all the answers.
MastermindJam helps you get un-stuck, even if your group is stumped.
To help make sure that you can always get the answers you need to grow your business (even if some of your group members are giving you blank stares on a topic), we give you these other great ways to get answers when you’re stuck:
👉 Community discussion forum so you can ask questions of the entire community of entrepreneurs (not just your mastermind group). These are blasted out to your followers in the dedicated MastermindJam app, as well as through the weekly members-only email newsletter.
👉 Topic-based mastermind sprint groups. Form a group to focus on paid traffic, SEO, content production, or anything that is important to your business. You decide!
👉 Group & individual business mentoring & coaching from subject matter experts, where you can get the specific answers you need even if the members in your group are stumped. This is the best way to get hands-on and affordable help when you’re feeling stuck.
👉 STARTING SOON Community Spotlight Series where a founder is chosen to work with a coach on a live workshop video call. The founder gets help, and you can ask questions from the chat.
When the doors open next week, sign up is simple…
There’s a short video to watch, a brief application to fill out, and a membership fee.
We ask everyone to fill out an application and pay a [refundable] membership fee to ensure everyone is qualified, and everyone has skin in the game.
With better curation like this, we can help you meet the most motivated founders who are serious about helping each other make relentless progress growing their business.
*Here’s a hint: rhymes with lycra-trough
P. S. If you just got matched into a mastermind group with another service, sign up anyway… I’ve got something special for you, too.
In conclusion...
That’s it. That’s all. You’ve reached the bottom of this email!
Have a great weekend, y'all!
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