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The Friday Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter for online entrepreneurs. Each Friday, we send you hand-picked articles to help you grow your web-based business.

The Friday Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter for online entrepreneurs. Each Friday, we send you hand-picked articles to help you grow your web-based business.

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[FD143] Even self-starters benefit from coaching

Happy Friday!This year, I've been streamlining. I've been increasing focus in some areas, allowing myself to creatively run amok in others.One area I'm narrowing my focus on: MastermindJam. This year, I've shut down the affiliate program (no one even noticed,…


[FD142] Community flywheels, analog kanban.

Analog Kanban: Analog Todo Management for Analog HumansMaybe you don't need a new to-do app on your device. Maybe you just need some good, old-fashioned Analog Kanban.


[FD141] Have coffee with me

...This issue brought to you by... STARTUP COFFEE


[FD140] Lower churn, validate ideas, and podcast better.

Indie Hacker Ihor Stefurak is working on a new approach to validating micro-SaaS ideas.The best part of this approach is how fast you can iterate on ideas. Ihor and his team use this to go from idea to customer-friendly MVP in a matter hours.Here's the scoop.…


[FD139] Exit-Founder Fit is a thing.

Drop by and leave a 30 second video pitch for your startup. While you're there, vote and comment on mine!


A positive start to your weekend [FD138]

First off, let me show you what I've been drinking this week (and no it doesn't rhyme with 'schmisky' or 'schmalcohol'):


Yeah, we've got issues. 137 of em, a breakdown.

I ran this idea past my mastermind group a couple years ago, and they sent me this gif in response:


What got them here won't get you there. [FD136]

Make a latte...Draw the rest of the owl


Crossing Antarctica with product comparison pages. What? [FD135]

This twitter conversation came into my life yesterday, and I thought I'd discuss it with you:


You should recession-proof your business.

Is there a topic you'd like to see included in an upcoming issue? Do you have a course that can help online founders?Do you have a new piece of content you'd like more people to see?Are you launching a new tool, product, or service and you'd like help getting…


[FD133] One link from me to you

Hey there, Happy Friday!Are we at Peak Newsletter?I've been absolutely inundated with newsletters lately. Maybe the world isn't at "peak newsletter" yet, but darn it... I might just be.Problem is, I get all these newsletters with links promising to deliver al…


FD132 - Here's your permission slip

No links today, friends. Nothing from me added to your plate. Nothing new to read added to your To Do list.Happy Friday, and have a great weekend.— Ken


[FD131] We need a field manual for what to try next.

Happy Friday!I hope you're staying safe and healthy.Here we're more than a week into the second quarter of 2020, and I find that I'm a bit paralyzed.Coming into the year, I had a plan. But that's all gone.I had a schedule for how I wanted launches and marketi…


[FD130] How to do email outreach in your comfy pants and bunny slippers

Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm surrounded by four children who would otherwise be in school.Right now, as you're reading this, you're quite possibly experiencing the same exact thing.Working from home, confined under the same roof as your family, is ofte…


[FD129] Are you sending these 5 types of email?

Following the theme set by thousands of other events worldwide, MicroConf Starter and MicroConf Growth editions scheduled to be held in Minneapolis, MN next month are postponed:


[FD128] Try this marketing channel FIRST

Happy Friday, friends!Today we kicked off our first Mastermind Sprint of 2020.With hard work and determination, these folks are going to make amazing progress on their goals over the next six weeks of intense focus.What are Mastermind Sprints? Well, I'm glad …


[Friday Dispatch 127] Launched to a 25% conversion rate this week

I made this:


[FD126] How to get help to grow your business in 2020

What is your One Thing for the coming year?Tax strategies for 1120S businessesQuestion: What's the worst thing about having a home office (as opposed to having a office space outside your home)?Do you like reading annual review posts? Have you ever published …


[FD125] This tiny change I made last year

One of the things I’m most proud of in 2019 was mustering the courage to add a link to this simple, anonymous, two-question survey in the confirmation email that gets sent to folks who sign up for the MastermindJam wait list. Less than 10% of folks answer, bu…


[FD124] Welcome to 2020

Happy New Year and Happy NEW DECADE!I'm gonna be writing 2019 on all my checks for weeks.Wait... what? Checks? Who still using those?On to your resources...